Toytown can only ever be as good as its Elves, and we have some of the best around! 

Rob is a full time Elf, and father of two. Our go-to Elf for all model, Games Workshop and trading card queries; he's also pretty handy with a screwdriver.

Megan is an Elf with a very infectious smile, especially loved by our youngest customers as she loves helping people choose from our huge range of collectibles, and is Unicorn Crazy.  Megan is always happy to demonstrate our huge range of games, especially her favourites, Gubs and Anomia.

Hayley is our Crazy Elf, who can be relied on to make everyone laugh. Hayley is our superhero expert, but we all suspect she's really a superhero in disguise.

Lucy is a part time Elf and mum to three little ones, so is fully up to speed on all things pre-school.

Melissa is one of our weekend Elves, but can also be found at Toytown in the holidays. 

Danny is a part time Elf who loves football and films

Matt is a part time Elf and full time atlas... name a country, he'll tell you the capital city, every time!

Ehren is the newest Elf in the team.

Daeron is our official Bin Emptying Elf, and Anna is the Perpetual Elf that can never quite bear to leave.

Once an Elf, always an Elf.  Previous Toytown Elves have gone on to varied careers, from teachers to casting directors to radio presenters, but there are a few who never quite leave, and can often be found helping out at busy periods.