About Us

Founded in 2009 by local optician Daeron McGee and his Wife Ginette, Toytown was created to offer local children somewhere to spend their pocket money, and for parents to buy small toys and gifts. It was the time of the recession, Woolworths had recently closed, and there was a general feeling of dispair in the high street nationwide. As owners of Sussex Eyecare, a well established local opticians, and parents of 4 young children, Daeron & Ginette decided to try to demonstrate to other potential traders that there was life in the high street left, and so started TOYTOWN.

The idea was to create a traditional feel Toy shop, but stocked with toys that the children themselves would want to buy. Pocket money toys for children to buy for themselves, party gifts for other peoples children, and gifts for grandchildren were at the top of the list. Opening day in the spring of 2009 showed that things were probably going to be a bit busier than anticipated ! Non stop queues for the entire day demonstrated a need for this type of shop, and things grew from there.

2 years later Toytown moved next door to a much bigger premises, and is now one of the largest independent toy shops in the south east.

A conscious decision not to sell on-line, but pour our energy in creating a wonderful shopping environment, staffed with real people who are talented and passionate about what they do, has made Toytown a fantastic place to visit, and a lovely shopping experience.

We look forward to seeing you.

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